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What Sets Us Apart

Eliminate False Alerts.    No one wants to be bothered when their site is not really down.  With our unique alert threshold system we monitor from multiple locations simultaneously and only alert you if a majority of those checks have reached the outage threshold.

Snapshot on Error.    We don’t just tell you about a problem.  When our monitors detect an error we will capture a snapshot of what we were seeing at that point in time.  Troubleshooting becomes much easier as a result.

User Control.    You have complete control of your monitoring.  You can control when and how you get notified in case of a problem.  Only want to be notified when a monitor has failed multiple checks?  No problem.  Want to change the monitoring locations?  No problem.  Customize the monitoring to fit your needs.

Easy Setup.    There are no agents to install and no hardware required. Our Software-as-a-Service architecture allows you to get started in a matter of minutes.

Fantastic Customer Service.    We take pride in providing all of our customers with personal customer service and assistance.  Have a question? Let us know.  Don’t feel like setting up monitoring yourself? Let us know.  We will be happy to do everything for you.





Global NetWatch is excited to announce it has been acquired by TSG effective October 1, 2022. Visit to learn more or email us with questions.